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Welcome to La Grappa’s Wine List.

Since La Grappa is an Italian Restaurant, we have concluded to serve exclusively Italian wines, however,  with the single exception of our Champagne selection, which obviously originates from France.

Let us face it, Italian Wines are not a simple field of study and that is why we have found it worthwhile to provide this little guidance to our Wine List in an attempt to assist you in selecting your wine when visiting La Grappa.

Both for White and Red Wines in the Wine List we do stipulate the Italian Region from which the wine originates, for example, Piedmont, Alto Adige, Veneto, Tuscany/Tuscana, Campania, Sicily etc. , then the name of Vineyard, the name of the Wine (some wines have been given a specific name like Masi’s Amarone “ Costasera”) and then as far as possible the list does provide the grape like for example Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gavi, Corvina, Sangiovese , Nebbiolo, Nero D’Avola etc. and for many wines, the grape is part of the wine’s name description, and then these details are followed by the wine classification like ITG, DOC, DOCG etc., the year of the Wine and further, for selective wines a stipulation of rating by one or more of the internationally recognized wine critics like Wine Spectator (WS), Robert Parker (RP), James Suckling (JS) and Wine Enthusiast (WE) or simply the statement of the average score for the year in question (Avr. score) and all followed by the price of the wine ( please note, that our wine prices are listed inclusive of Service Charge and VAT).

La Grappa’s Wine List offers many different grapes both for the White as well as for the Red Wine. Therefore, we find it appropriate to make a Quote from Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson’s : The World Atlas of Wine, 7th Edition, which quote goes as follows  : “Italy has the world’s richest variety of individual wine styles, distinctive territories, and indigenous grape varieties”.  We recommend, that you take your good time to select a Wine to your liking or perhaps even try something completely new from the lessor well known regions of Italy, particular the Southern Regions.

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Vino Bianco

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Vino Rosso

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